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Important Announcements

September 27, 2017

The Best Companies to Work For Share Their Employee-First Strategies

A Roundup of Practices and Goals From B Lab's 2017 Best for Workers Honorees



The 2017 Best for the World honorees represent the top 10 percent of all B Corporations, based on their scores on the B Impact Assessment - the rigorous assessment employed by nonprofit B Lab to certify B Corps.

The Workers section of the B Impact Assessment assesses the company's relationship with its workforce. It measures how the company treats its workers through compensation, benefits, training and ownership opportunities provided to workers. The category also focuses on the overall work environment within the company by assessing management and worker communication, job flexibility, corporate culture, and worker health and safety practices. The 148 Best for Workers companies come from 61 different industries and 21 countries.

Permanente Dental Associates

Portland, Oregon

Since 1975, Permanente Dental Associates (PDA) has been giving its Pacific Northwest neighbors something to smile about with compassionate, evidence-based dental care that connects seamlessly to their overall health and wellness plans. PDA is a patient-centered group practice focused on accessibility, convenience, service, evidence-based care, and professionalism.

"Receiving this recognition is validation that our culture and practice is on the right track in creating an environment where people feel excited to work and know they're supported to achieve their best potential.

"The B Impact Assessment proved validating for our impact on people. Being a health care provider and dentist-owned, our group has worked for more than 40 years to build a strong practice that supports dentists committed to improving the oral health of their patients.

"We recognized that while there is much to be proud of in our high score for people, we wanted to improve our collective impact on planet. Through our voluntary Wellness Program, we're encouraging everyone in our group to become better stewards of our environment. We know that simple actions done regularly can make a big difference. We hope that by our next B Corp certification, we'll be able to show that our efforts have had a positive effect."


August 17, 2017

Permanente Dental Associates recognized as one of Oregon's Healthiest Employers



The Portland Business Journal's Healthiest Employers of Oregon awards acknowledge companies committed to creating healthy workplaces. Thanks to PDA's robust wellness program, the company was recognized as #2 in the category of 100-499 Employees. The companies are chosen by the Indianapolis-based group Healthiest Employers, based on performances in six key categories:

  • Culture and leadership commitment
  • Foundational components
  • Strategic planning
  • Communications and marketing
  • Programming and interventions
  • Reporting and analysis

The Healthiest Employers group ascertains its ratings based on 75 scored questions, arranging point values ranging between 0.25 and three points for each answer.  Permanente Dental Associates received an overall score of 62.42.